An item is used when creating an invoice for quick and easy access to similar products or services you sell. Items can also be used to personalize your time entry titles as well.

To create a new item on the fly, follow these steps:

1) While creating or editing a time entry or invoice, click on the item drop down menu.
2) Click "New Item".

3) When creating a new item you can use the following fields:

  1. Name – Give the item a name or title.
  2. Description – Provide a brief description of this product or service.
    *This description will appear on your invoices for your client to see.*
  3. Price – Enter the cost of the item (product or service) or the hourly rate you charge for this item.
  4. Use Item Price Instead of Hourly Rate? – Turn this field to "Yes" if you would like this price to always overwrite the hourly rate set by the matter.
  5. Save – After you’ve filled out your information, remember to click “Save”.

To add, see, edit and delete multiple items at once, click "More" on the top then "Items" or simply click here.


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