Google Drive is a powerful cloud storage and file backup system, designed to keep all your sensitive files and documents safe.

Using Dropbox, you can sync your PracticePanther files to your Google Drive.

Note: Before following this guide, make sure PracticePanther is synced with Dropbox, and that you have Dropbox downloaded to your computer. You will also need Backup and Sync installed to store your Google Drive files on your computer.

To view our Dropbox integration tutorial, click here.
To download Dropbox, click here.
To download Backup and Sync, click here.

To integrate PracticePanther with Google Drive, follow the steps below:

1) Click the "Backup and Sync" icon on your Taskbar.

2) Click the "Settings" icon, and then click "Preferences...".

3) Click "Choose Folder".

4) Double-click your "Dropbox" folder.

5) Click your "PracticePanther" folder to select it, and then click "Select Folder".

6) Wait for your folders to finish validating.

Pro Tip: The folders are done validating once the checkboxes next to your folders change from gray to blue.

7) Click "OK".

What happens now?

Your PracticePanther files will now appear on your Google Drive. To view your files, go to Google Drive. Click "Computers", and then double click the computer you used when following this guide. You will see your "PracticePanther" folder here.

Moving forward, this gives you the ability to move files into a contact or matter's Dropbox folder in PracticePanther, and then see those same files on Google Drive.


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