Through DropBox, PracticePanther offers an integration with OneDrive which directly syncs all your PracticePanther files to your OneDrive folder.  

Follow the steps below to setup the integration. 

Note: before continuing, make sure that you have a Dropbox account, and installed the Dropbox app. You can download the Dropbox app here. To see how to setup the Dropbox integration with PracticePanther click here.

1) Click on the Dropbox icon in your toolbar, select the gear icon, and click on "Preferences". 

2) Click on the Sync tab, and select the dropdown for "Dropbox folder location".

3) Select "Other". 

4) Select your OneDrive folder, and hit "Select". 

5) A dialog box asks you if you're sure. Click "Move". 

What happens now? 

Any new folder or files in your Dropbox account will now automatically sync with the OneDrive folder. 


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