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How to add a Time Entry for Notes / Events / Tasks / Calls etc.
How to add a Time Entry for Notes / Events / Tasks / Calls etc.

Log a time entry directly from your notes, events, tasks, calls, etc.

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In addition to the standard new time entry, you can also add times entries linked to activities such as notes, events, tasks and calls.
When initially saving a new activity (tasks, events, calls, emails or notes), follow these steps: 

(To review existing time entries, skip to the "What happens now" section below)

1) Click the arrow next to the "Save" button, and select “Save and add time entry” just before saving the new note / event / task / call.

2) Fill out the time entry as needed. You'll notice, the description will automatically populate with the subject of the linked activity.

Note: If the activity was an event, this time entry will automatically populate the "Hours" field with the duration of the event. This can be edited as needed.

3) Save your time entry.

What happens now?

Easily review which activities have time logged or not:

1) Open the matter you're interested in and click into the "Activities" tab. (To see a list of all activities for the entire firm, click here).

2) Click "Choose Columns" found on the top right of the list, then make sure "Time Logged" is checked.

3) Here you can easily tell which activities already have time logged and which activities still need a time entry.

4) If you want to log time for any activity, hover over the item on the list and click "Log Time". This will allow you to create and link a time entry to this activity.

5) If you open any activity that already has time logged, you will see a "Time Entries" tab within the activity. This will tell you exactly which time entries were created for this activity.


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