To review a quick video on how security roles work, click here.

To easily control which users can see secure messages to your client via the Client Portal, follow these simple steps:

1) Click "Settings" then click "Roles".

2) Each user has a designated role. New users are "Admin" by default until changed. Click "Edit"

3) Click "New Role".

4) The "Contacts" feature is what will decide if a user can see or handle secure messages.

5) Turn off the "View" columns in the "Contacts" feature.

6) Click "Save" on the bottom.

Note: The "Settings for this user's contacts only" will effect only the contacts that the user is assigned to. "Settings for all contacts" will effect all other contacts that the user is NOT assigned to.

What happens now?

When editing a user, you will be able to select which security role you'd like them to have as seen below. If you've limited the "Contacts" feature, this user will not be able to view any secure messages.


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