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How do I reapply a workflow when an event date is re-scheduled?
How do I reapply a workflow when an event date is re-scheduled?

Reapplying your workflow when an event date is re-scheduled.

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Workflows are typically designed with a milestone event to signify the start or end of the case. This event's date will determine the due date for all the tasks that follow. 

What do you do if the event date changes suddenly?

In order to reapply the workflow to the new date, follow these simple steps to delete the old tasks:

1) Within the matter, filter "All Activities" down to "Tasks". 

2) Click on "Choose Columns" and select "Created Date". 

3) Click the three dots found on the top of the "Created Date" column. 

4) Apply a filter to only show the tasks on the date you had originally applied the workflow.

For example: Since we applied our workflow on 8/28/2017, we want tasks created on 8/28/2017. Below we have added the filter "is after 8/27/2017 and is before 8/29/2017".

5) Select these old tasks using the checkboxes on the left, and then hit the blue gears box and click "Delete".

6) Reapply the workflow with the correct event date and and don't forget to mark any previously completed tasks as "completed".


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