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Finding matters with billable amounts to invoice
Finding matters with billable amounts to invoice

Checking the matters with billable amounts in order to invoice them accordingly.

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Please note that the feature listed below here is available on all of our subscription plans. Batch billing however is only available on our Essential and Business plans. To learn more, please click here.

PracticePanther can provide you with an organized overview of all the matters that have outstanding billable amounts.ย 

1) Click on the "Matters" tab.

2) Click on "Choose Columns" and make sure "Billable" is checked on.

What happens now?ย 

You'll refer to the newly added column to see which matters have outstanding billable amounts. Click the top of the column twice to sort it from highest to lowest.

Pro Tip:

PracticePanther also allows you to batch invoice these matters.
โ€‹Click here to learn how!


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