Branching Workflows

Branching out your Workflows.

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PracticePanther’s workflow feature is very versatile. A great use-case example is branching from one workflow to another (if the scenario changes mid-workflow). 

Before continuing, please be sure to learn how to create a workflow here.

One common example of this is when the next task in a workflow is dependent on the outcome of a court case. 

Example: In a personal injury workflow, one task may be "Invite client to hearing". At this hearing, you may either win or lose the case. What you do after the hearing will be different based on whether you win or lose.

To branch to other workflows, watch this video or follow these simple steps below:

1) Make sure you have created at least two workflows.

First workflow:

Second workflow:

2) In the initial workflow, the last task can be to remind you to change the workflow if necessary.

3) When the scenario of your matter changes (i.e. your workflow changes depending on the outcome of a trial) you click on the green “New” button, and select “Apply

4) Select the new workflow. You’re now working from the second workflow. Apply the steps above again, if there’s a need to keep branching to other workflows. 


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