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Grouping custom fields

How to group custom fields together.

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Required Plan: Custom fields and groups are available on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans. 

When creating custom fields, you can have any number of individual custom fields grouped together for your convenience. 

For example, if you handle family law matters, you will have custom fields that pertain to your divorce cases that are completely different from the custom fields that you might have for adoptions.

There is a way to group custom fields together so you can just click on one button and have all the individual fields (name of spouse, date of birth, social security) populate for any given group (divorce).

For a refresher on custom fields please click here.

To create your own custom field groups, watch this video or follow these simple steps below:

1) Click here, or navigate to your custom fields page in settings.

2) Select "Custom Groups" and choose the area where you want the group to appear in (Contacts or Matters).

3) Click on the green "New Group" and input the name of the group, for example the type of case you'd use these fields for.

4) Choose as many individual custom fields as you want and hit save.

What Happens Now?

When creating a new "Contact" or a "Matter" you can now select your group from the custom field drop down list.

Select your group to have only the individual custom fields attached to that specific group populate.


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