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Tracking your Accounts Receivable Over Time
Tracking your Accounts Receivable Over Time

A/R Aging Reports in PracticePanther

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The Accounts Receivables report is an important report to check frequently to ensure that your clients are paying you. It provides a detailed list of how much money is owed to you, by contact and by the amount of time it's been due. 

Follow the steps below to access your Accounts Receivable Aging Report.

1) Click on "More" and select "Reports".

2) In the "Invoices" section, scroll down, and select the "A/R Aging Report".

3) You'll find a list of every contact here, with the total amount due at the bottom, organized by the amount of days the amount has been due. 

Pro-tip: You can export this list to Excel and PDF. If you would like to sort the list by a specific column, click on the three dots next to the column. This will allow you to sort and filter. If you select "Sort Descending" in the "Total Due" column, you'll see the contacts with the highest due amounts at the top, and those with the lowest due amounts at the bottom. 

Pro-tip 2: Your firm can organize the A/R aging report based on a certain individual assigned to the contact or matter. This way, your firm can find trends as to who is more or less efficient at getting their invoices paid.


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