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How do I keep track of multiple time entries?
How do I keep track of multiple time entries?

Keep track of multiple time entries using timers

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Using the timer just got better with multiple timers. You may use them to track conurrent entries by doing the following: 

1) Go to the timer located on the right side of any page on PracticePanther.

2) When adding notes to the timer this will appear on the description in the time entry. After starting the initial timer a blue button will appear above saying "Start Another Timer". 

3) The second timer will appear above the first timer. The previous timer will pause momentarily while the new timer runs. Once you are done with the timer click "Save" and the time entry screen will appear. 

4) Select the corresponding contact and matter this time entry is for, and click "Save".

What happens now?

A new time entry will be generated for the contact and matter of your choosing.

For more information on Time Entries please click here


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