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How can I restrict timekeepers from adjusting their hourly rate?
How can I restrict timekeepers from adjusting their hourly rate?

Prevent your timekeepers from changing their hourly

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Security roles allow you to restrict or expand your users' access to certain certain features on PracticePanther. You can learn how to setup these security roles here.

However, while you can limit a user's ability to create, edit or delete time entries entirely, you cannot simply lock a user's hourly rate. Each user can adjust their personal hourly rate in their settings here, but can also adjust the hourly rate on each individual time entry as they create them if they so choose.

To easily check your time keepers work to ensure there are no time entry discrepancies, follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to your time entries page, or click here.

2) Select which user's work you'd like to check using the "Billed By" filter.

3) If you are simply checking for the recent work done before billing for it, make sure to change the "Status" from "Any" to "Billable".

4) Click on the "Rate" column two times. This will reorganize the list to show the highest hourly rate on top going down. 

What happens now?

You can easily scroll down this list to insure all the hourly rates are consistent. For any number of entries you need to adjust, you can mass edit these time entries by following this simple guide.


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