Adjusting logo size for invoices

Making your logo smaller or bigger on your bills.

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You may want to adjust the size of your firm's logo on your invoice. 

To change your logo size on your invoice using our custom CSS codes, follow these steps below:

1) In "Settings", click "Invoice Options", or click here.

2) Click "Edit" under the invoice template you'd like to change the logo size for.

3) Scroll down and click "Show More Options".

3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and copy and paste the following line into the "Custom CSS" box:

img{height:50px; width:auto;}

Note: The number '50' indicates the size of the logo in pixels, thus you can adjust the size of the logo by adjusting this number.

4) Scroll down and click "Save".

What happens now?

You can now see the changes made to your logo on any invoice. Follow steps 1 - 4 until satisfied.


Pro-Tip: Click here to learn how to adjust the font size on your invoices.

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