All billable items from PracticePanther appear in Quickbooks under products and Services, with a special chart of accounts designated to them called Panthersales. 

For more information on items for time entries, click here.
For more information on categories for expenses, click here

To customize which charts of accounts each item gets sent to, follow the steps below:

1) To access your items and categories in Quickbooks, go to "Sales", and select the "Products and Services" tab. 

2) Click on "Edit".

3) From the "Income account" dropdown menu on the bottom-right, select the chart of accounts, and click on "Save and close". 

Note: Flat fees also appear on this list, under the exact flat fee name as listed on the invoice. 

What happens now?

Anytime an invoice is created on PracticePanther, it will sync to QuickBooks Online and automatically send the listed items to their designated chart of accounts listed above.


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