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Showing unapplied operating credit on an invoice
Showing unapplied operating credit on an invoice

Showing the client's unapplied credit on their invoice.

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To show the unapplied credit on an invoice, follow the steps below:

1) When creating an invoice, scroll to the bottom, and click the "Add Fields" dropdown. Then select #Contact.OperatingBalance#".

2) Feel free to add a customized message.ย 

What happens now?

The operating account balance/credit will appear on the invoice in the "Notes" section.

If you would like to have the available credit show on every invoice, we can change our default invoice options to include that!

1) Go to your settings.

2) Go to "Invoice Options".

3) Click "Edit" under the desired invoice template.

4) Input the available credit in the desired text box as we did previously and hit "Save".


To learn more about adding your trust and operating account ledgers on your invoices, click here!

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