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Adjusting "bill to" section of an invoice
Adjusting "bill to" section of an invoice

Changing who your invoices are addressed to.

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You can edit the "Bill to" section on an invoice just be addressed to someone other than the primary contact of the case. 

For example, you need to address the invoice to more than one individual, or if you have multiple matters where each invoice should be billed to different individuals. 

There are two ways to achieve this:

  1. Create a company, and use the "Company Name" field to specify the "Bill to" names. When a "Company" is used, the "Company Name" will always replace the primary contact's name on the invoice.

  2. Create a note on your invoice, and use custom fields in the matter to specify the "Bill To". This is useful if you have multiple matters under the same contact, and each matter's invoice should be addressed to a different individual. 

Create a company

1) When creating a new contact, or editing a new contact, select "Add a company". 

2) Use the "Company" field to specify.

What happens now? 

The "Bill To" section will use the the contact's company name. 

Create a note on your invoice

1) When creating or editing a matter, create a new custom field. One for every additional "Bill To" name.

2) Give you custom field a name, and hit "Save".

3) Add the name(s) in your custom field(s).

4) Go to "Invoice Options" in your "Settings".

5) Click "Edit" under the invoice template you'd like to edit the "Bill To" for, or create a new invoice template.

6) Scroll down and click on "More Options"

7) Scroll all the way down, and add the following code in the "Custom CSS" field: {display: none;}
div.accountInfo {display: none;}
h3.billTo{display: none;}

This will erase the default "Bill To" field on your invoice. You'll then use the "Notes" section instead. 

8) Generate your invoice, and at the bottom, include your custom field(s) with the names, in the notes. These notes can also be defaulted on the top of the invoice options page after editing an invoice template.

9) Add your custom message (i.e. Bill to).

What happens now? 

The default "Bill to" section is gone, and instead your invoice uses the notes, which you specified in step 8.


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