Splitting a bill

Split a bill between two parties.

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PracticePanther allows you to split an invoice between two contacts. Please make sure to have at least two separate contacts (who will be splitting a bill), and two matters with the same name (only if you wish to display the matter name on the invoice) before continuing with the steps below. 

Also make sure that you're familiar with the steps to generate an invoice. Click here to see how to generate an invoice. 

To split a bill, please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Generate an invoice for one of the contacts, and split the total balance due in two. After all, half will be paid by one party, and half by the other. 

You can use our percentage discount field to make the calculation, by setting the discount to 50%.

2) The total amount due per party is now displayed at the bottom of the invoice, as a discount. Make sure to scroll back to the top, to undo your discount (set the discount back to 0).

3) Click on "Add Line" and select "Add Flat Fees".

4) Use the flat fee line to deduct half of the total balance due. Give the field a name, set the quantity field to "-1" (for it to get deducted from the balance due), and add the amount to be deducted in the "Price" field. Then save your invoice.
Note: If you add a hard line item for this discount, be sure to reset the % discount back to 0% before saving the invoice.

5) After saving the invoice, click on "Actions" and select "Clone".

6) Assign the cloned invoice to the second party, and save the invoice.
Note: Make sure to clear out the matter field if needed. A second matter is not required unless you'd like the matter name on the invoice.

What happens now?
PracticePanther just created two identical invoices, where each invoice pays 50% of the total balance due. 


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