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Using tags to add your clients, cases and events to a list.

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Required Plan: This feature appears on all of our available plans! Click here to read more on the plans we offer.

In Practice Panther, tags are a great way to filter through information within your system. You can apply tags to different sections within the software. In order to create a tag, it must be created on a contact, matter, or activity.

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) To create a tag in the Contact level, Create/Edit a Contact, scroll down to the bottom, type in the tag you want and click on "add new tag".

2) To create a tag in the Matter level, Create/Edit a Matter, scroll down to the bottom, type in the tag you want and click on "add new tag".

Tags can also be applied towards calendar activities!

3) To create a tag for any activity, Create/Edit an event, task, call or note, and follow the same steps as before.

Once you create a tag in our system it will remain there forever, this way you can simply select the tag in the drop-down list when you want to apply into a new field. You can have multiple tags as well for each item too to help narrow down your search!

Pro Tip: You can apply tags to multiple activities at once.

To batch assign tags to activities, follow the steps below:

1) Click "Activities".

2) Click the checkbox next to all the activities you'd like to assign a tag to.

3) Click the blue gear icon, and then click "Edit".

4) Toggle "Add Tags?" to "Yes", and apply the desired tags.

5) Click the checkbox, and then click "Save".

6) Click "Yes".

What happens now?

Now that your tags are created, we can search for tags from different sections of the of the software.

1) Open the Contacts, Matters, or Activities page.

2) Click on the "Tags" filter.

3) Select the type of tag you want to filter by.

4) Select the tag you want to be applied in the search.

Now we have narrowed down our search according to the type of tag we have selected.


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