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Batch assigning users to contacts and/or matters.
Batch assigning users to contacts and/or matters.

How to assign a user to multiple of your contacts/matters at once.

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PracticePanther allows you to edit multiple contacts or matters with the click of a button. 

To batch edit assigned users, follow the steps below:

1) Go to the "Contacts" or "Matters" tab.

2) Select the matters or contacts you would like to edit by clicking on the checkbox to the left of each contact or matter (the top checkbox next to the name column will select all the items on the page).

3) After selecting the contacts or matters you're looking to edit, click on the blue button and select "Edit".

4) Switch "Assign Attorneys?" to Yes, and select the users you want to assign.

5) Click on the checkbox at the bottom of the form saying "I understand the results of this action and that it can not be easily reverted" and hit "Save". A confirmation screen will also pop up asking if you are sure want to perform this batch operation, Click "Yes".

What happens now?

Once the software completes the batch operation, the newly selected users will now be assigned to the contacts/matters! 


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