Creating pro bono matters.

How to record time for a matter you do not want to charge for.

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In certain situations your firm may decide to take on pro bono case. 

To reflect this on Practice Panther, follow these simple steps:

1) Create a new matter or edit an existing one, and go to matter rate section.

2) There are two ways of going about creating a pro bono matter using the matter rate. One way is to select matter rate to flat rate and set the flat rate to "0.00"
Note: This method is recommended as it takes less clicks.

3) The other way would be to set a matter custom rate for everyone at "0.00"

What happens now?

Once you set the rates at "0.00" save your new matter, and all the time entries that you will create will now be defaulted to "0.00". This way you can still track your time and the services you provide in this case will also reflect a "0.00" charge.


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