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Creating reminders for tasks & events

Creating reminders/alerts for your tasks and events.

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When you create a new task or event, you have the option to set reminders on these tasks/events so you can stay on top of each one. 

Before continuing with the following steps, make sure that you're familiar with the steps to create a task: Click here to see how to create a task.

See the steps below on how to create reminders for your tasks and or events.

1) Create a new "Task" or "Event".

2) Scroll down to add a reminder, click "Add a reminder".

You can add up to 5 reminders per task/event.

3) Here you can select the type of reminder you would like to assign.

Email - will send an email reminder to all those assigned to the tasks and or event.
Popup - will send a popup reminder in PracticePanther to all those assigned (a popup in the client portal if the client is assigned).
Text Message - will send an sms reminder to all those assigned to the task and or event (if you assigned your client, make sure there's a cell phone number in the contact details).

4) Set the variable and amount of time for the reminder to display before the due date.
Note: the due date for tasks is always set before 12:00pm (i.e. if you set a task reminder to be sent out 2 hours in advance, the reminder will go out at 10:00am). 

5) Click on "Save" at the bottom. 

What happens now? 

The reminder will automatically be sent out to all the assignees (including your client, if they're assigned in the Contacts field). 

Note: in order to assign a client, the client portal needs to be enabled. Click here to learn more about the client portal.


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