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Automatically syncing emails from Outlook
Automatically syncing emails from Outlook

Automatically forward your emails from Exchange/Outlook to PracticePanther.

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Required Plan: This feature can be used with any of our available plans! Click here to read more on the plans we offer.

If you would like to have any incoming emails in your Outlook forwarded to PracticePanther for reference, follow the steps below:

1) Open up Outlook.
2) Select an email from a contact you want to auto-forward.
3) Right-click on the email and select "Rules", then select "Create Rule".

4) Click on "Advanced Options".

5) Select "from (contact name)". This should be the contact you want to forward emails for.

6) Click "Next >".

7) Select "forward it to people or public group".

8) Click "people or public group".

Now we want to obtain the MailSync link from PracticePanther for our contact.

Click here to learn more on setting up MailSync.

9) Go to the contact you want to work on.
10) Click on the "Activities" tab and select "MailSync".

11) Copy the unique MailSync address for the selected contact.

12) Paste the unique MailSync address into the "To ->" box back in Outlook and click "OK".

13) Click "Finish".

What happens now?

Now that we have established a rule above for our specific contact, any future emails being sent from this contact will be automatically forwarded to PracticePanther! 

Lets see an example! 

1) Check your inbox for an email sent by that contact we set a rule for.

Notice the text alerting us that the message has been forwarded.

2) Go to the contact on PracticePanther and select the "Activities" tab.

3) Now we can see the email that was sent on outlook has been automatically placed on PracticePanther!


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