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How to delete contacts or matters
How to delete contacts or matters

Delete contacts and matters that were created in a training or demo.

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Sometimes while playing with the software, or while on a training or demo, you may create a test contact or matter to play with. 

This can often skew your reports so to clear this information off your system, please watch this video or follow these simple steps below:

1) Open the test contact.

2) Start by clicking into each tab that contains items or information.

3) Select all the items in the tab.
4) Click on the blue gear bubble that appears at the top and click delete.

4) Rinse and repeat for each tab until the only item left to delete is the "Test Matter" in the "Matters" tab.
5) Click on the blue gears, and click "Delete"

6) Delete the "Test Contact" by clicking on the trash can icon next to the name of the contact.

What Happens Now? 

The item is now deleted and stored in the recycling bin in your settings for up to 30 days. To bring back the contact from the recycling bin, you can simply click on "Restore". 

You can quickly go to your recycling bin by clicking here.


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