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How do I customize tasks and events reminders?
How do I customize tasks and events reminders?

Creating different types of reminders for your tasks and events.

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In order to customize reminders for tasks or events, follow the steps below:

1) Create a new task or event.

2) Link it to a contact & matter and create a subject for it.

3) When creating an event you can edit the start and end time by clicking on the clock icon. (This can not be done with tasks, as they only have a due date. The time for tasks is always set for 12:00pm of the selected due date).

4) Edit the date(s) by clicking the calendar icon. Add a description if needed.

5) Click "Add a reminder" to create a reminder for the activity. (You can have up to 5 reminders per activity).

6) Select the form in which you would like to receive the reminder.
Email: will send an email to the assigned user's (and or contact's) email.
Popup: will display a popup notification in Practice Panther on your device.
Text Message: will send a text to the mobile number on file for the user(s) and or contact(s) it is assigned to.

7) Choose the amount and the variable of time for your reminder(s) and hit save.
When creating reminders for a task, keep in mind that there's no start time for a task. Reminders for tasks will be using 12:00 noon as the time for the reminder to reference. 

What happens now? 

Now that we have our reminders created and set to our desired parameters, we can  see our reminders populate! Below are examples of the different types of reminders.

A box will appear on the top right of your browser as long as at least one PracticePanther tab is open.


Check your email. You will see the subject populate as "Event Reminder".

Clicking into the email will display the following information:

Text Message: 

You will receive a text containing only the title of the event and the start time.


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