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Finding PracticePanther tags in Mailchimp
Finding PracticePanther tags in Mailchimp

How to find tags in MailChimp to send emails and campaigns to contacts.

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Required Plan: This feature is available on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans.

Since PracticePanther tags automatically transfer over into MailChimp, you can manually send out email campaigns based on the contacts that have specific tags assigned to them.

For a refresher on how to add tags to your contacts click here.

Follow the steps below to manually send out email campaigns:

1) In MailChimp, go to your "Lists" at the top. 

2) Select the list you wish to view your tags in.

3) Hit "Manage Contacts", and select "Groups".

4) Click on "View Groups".

5) Here you can view and edit the tags that are associated with your contacts that were transferred over from PracticePanther.

What happens now?

To send campaigns manually to specific contacts or tags, choose which list of contacts you want to manually send your campaign to, then hit "Send" and choose which campaign you wish to send. 


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