Adding line items on an invoice

Need to add a detail within an invoice after its creation? You definitely can with our line items!

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DISCLAIMER: When adding line items directly to an invoice PracticePanther will not create a new time entry/expense record back on the matter. This means items created this way will not appear in your time entry or expense reports. As a result, these line items are best used for writing off specific portions of your invoices.

Please note as well that the features described here are available on all of our subscriptions plans. To learn more, please click here.

To learn how to create a new line item that DOES create a brand new record on the matter, follow this guide instead.

To add your own line item without creating a record on the matter, follow these simple steps below:

  1. Create a new invoice, or go to your "Invoices" tab and edit the invoice you wish to add a line item to.

2) Hit the "+Time Entry" and select the "+New Line Entry". Note: You can also add new items to the "Expense" or "Flat Fees" section.

3) Enter the information throughout the line item entry as needed. Note: To write off this line item from the invoice, insure that the "Hours" or "Qty" columns say "-1".

4) Save the invoice.

โ€‹To learn more about editing an item or activity, please click here.

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