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Reassign one or multiple contacts, matters, or activities.
Reassign one or multiple contacts, matters, or activities.

Change who is assigned to your matters, tasks or events.

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To reassign any individual item please follow these steps:

1) Go to the "Contacts",  "Matters" or "Activities" tab at the top.

2) Hover over the item you wish to reassign and click "Edit".

3) Go to the "Assigned To" field and reassign the needed users and save the matter.

To reassign multiple contacts, matters or activities at once, follow these steps: 

1) Select the multiple contacts/matters/activities you wish to reassign, hit the blue gears and hit "Edit".

2)  Turn the "Assign Attorneys" field to "Yes" and select who you wish to reassign it to.

3) Check off the box at the bottom of the screen, and hit save.

Do the same for any other contacts, matters, or activities you wish to reassign. 

What happens now? 

Now the users who you assigned to those matters will be getting notifications for the matter on the notification pane to the top right of PracticePanther. 


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