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How to change the calendar color of a user.
How to change the calendar color of a user.

Change the color on the calendar for your users.

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In some cases you will want to change the color that each user gets on their PracticePanther calendar. If that is the case please follow the steps below and find out how you can accomplish this.

1) Go to your "Calendar".

2) Click on the gear icon to the right of the user you want to change the color for.

3) Use the slider to select your base color and you even drag the small square icon to get the desired shade you would like. Once you found the right color you want, click "Apply" and hit "Save".

What happens now?

Now we can see the color we selected for our user, being applied to the calendar!

Note: This change only affects the users color from your view. The other user(s) will see their color on the calendar as it was originally, unless they decide to change it for themselves.


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