Training and support calls usually involve using a screen share. To set up your screen share, you'll be using Zoom.

Please note that this feature listed below is independent from our software and as such is available to everyone on any PracticePanther subscription plan. To learn more about our plans, please click here.

To set up your Zoom screen share, follow the steps below:

1) Open your web browser and go to

Note: We recommend using Google Chrome as it's the most compatible browser for PracticePanther.

2) Enter your meeting ID, which will be provided by your training or your support representative. 

3) Click on "Open Zoom Meetings". 

4) Exit out of the audio settings by hitting the "X" at the top right of the screen (since you'll already be on the phone).
Note: Mac users will use the "X" on the top left of the window instead.

5) Exit out of any additional audio settings by hitting "Continue" or the "X".

6) Hit "Share Screen".

7) Double click "Desktop 1" (or "Desktop 2", depending on which screen you would like to share). 

The training or support representative will also send you a request for remote mouse control, to show you around the software. Your mouse control will always override that of the training or support representative. You can also disable this at any point in time. 


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