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Emailing from PracticePanther

Sending and archiving emails from PracticePanther.

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Required Plan: This feature appears on all of our available plans! Click here to read more on the plans we offer.

To save time, you can send your emails from PracticePanther. That way you don't have to separately look up the Mailsync address. PracticePanther will automatically open up a new email window, with the BCC field pre-populated with your contact's or matter's Mailsync address. 

Click here for basic information on our Mailsync feature. 

The level (contact or matter) from which you send the email, also decides where the email will be archived (i.e. sending the email from the matter level, archives the email in the matter). 

This article covers the following topics: 

See the steps bellow on how to send emails from PracticePanther. 

Sending emails through a Contact

1) Open a contact, and then click the green “New” button and click “Email”.

2) Your default e-mail client will open up with the contact's e-mail and will automatically BCC the contact's Mail Sync address. 

3) Send the e-mail and it’ll automatically show up in the contacts “Activities” section.

Sending emails through a Matter

1) Open a matter, click on the green “New” button and click on “Email”.

2) Your default e-mail client will open up with the Matter's e-mail and will automatically BCC the Matter's Mail Sync address. (Notice: The Mail Sync address is now referencing the matter and will appear on both the contact and the matter)

3) Send the e-mail and it will automatically show up in the matter's “Activities” sub tab. 

Defaulting email apps

1) Click on the start button.

2) Then click on “Settings”.

3) Click on “Apps”.

4) Click on “Default Apps”.

5) Click on “Email”.

6) Choose “Outlook”. 


1) Log into your gmail account, and click the Handler icon on the right side of the address bar.

2) Click on “Allow”.

If the handler icon beside the sidebar isn't showing, you can enable it by doing the following: 

1) Click on the vertical "More" button (3 dots), and then click on "Settings".

2) Scroll all the way down and click on "Advanced".

3) Under "Privacy and security" click on "Content settings". 

4) Click on "Handlers".

5) Then toggle the switch to allow sites to ask to become handlers, at which point you'll be able to go to Gmail and follow the steps above. 

Once that’s done, you can send e-mails from Practice Panther using your default email client. 

What Happens Now?

When you make a new email through PP, your default e-mail client will open with the MailSync Address already entered, at which point you can compose your e-mail normally and it'll be archived for you in the matter or Contacts "Activities" Sub Tab.


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