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Gmail Add-On

Use the PracticePanther Gmail integration to create new contacts, time entries and log emails.

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The PracticePanther plugin for Gmail makes the archiving of emails a simple matter of clicking a button. The plugin automatically finds any contacts in PracticePanther associated with the specific email address, and allows you to create new contacts, tasks and time entries in PracticePanther directly from Gmail.

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you will need to know regarding our Gmail plugin. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below. 


Activating the plugin

1) Activate the PracticePanther Gmail plugin from the G Suite Marketplace by clicking on the settings gear icon on the top right of Gmail, and selecting "Get add-ons". 

2) In the top right search box, type in PracticePanther. Select it, and click INSTALL on the top right.

3) Click "Continue".

4) Open any email, then click the PracticePanther logo on the right side bar.

5) Click "Sign in" to connect this to your PracticePanther account.

6) If necessary, log in, then click "Grant Access".

What happens now?

1) After opening an email, click the PracticePanther logo located on the right hand side.

2) If Gmail doesn't find an associated contact, you can manually search for one, or jump to the next section to see how to create a new contact in PracticePanther from Gmail. 

Creating a new contact

1) Add contacts to PracticePanther by hitting "Add" next to the email contact.

2) Enter the information into the correct fields, then scroll down and click "Save".

Sync your email to PracticePanther

Hit "Save Email" to archive an email in the client's PracticePanther file.

Create a new task in PracticePanther

1) Hit "+Task" to create a task for this contact.

2)  Enter the information into the correct fields.

3) To access the options for your matters that appear, click on the matter. Matters that are assigned to the contact, as well any matters that this contact is related to will appear in the plugin.

Create a new Time Entry in PracticePanther

1) Hit "+Time" to create a new time entry.

2) Enter the information in the relevant fields.

What happens now? 

After syncing your email to PracticePanther through the plugin, it will appear in the respective contact's activities tab.


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