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Inviting your immigration clients to intelligent questionnaires using Docketwise / Borderwise
Inviting your immigration clients to intelligent questionnaires using Docketwise / Borderwise

Save time collecting important information about your immigration clients using Docketwise.

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Docketwise can be used in conjunction with PracticePanther to prepare dynamic and intelligent immigration questionnaires that you can then invite your clients to. Based on your clients answers, Docketwise will determine which followup questions to ask, as well as which forms to include in their application package.

For example, some Family Based Green Card Petitions could include between 2-15 mandatory goverment forms.

Docketwise determines, based on client’s answers, which forms are required and will fill out the forms based on their answers as well. All the attorney needs to do is then simply review the completed forms.

To integrate your Docketwise account, follow these simple steps:

1) Create your Docketwise account here if you don't already have one.

2) In Docketwise, click your name on the top right, then click "Account Settings".

3) Scroll down and click "Activate PracticePanther".

4) Click "Grant Access" on the bottom inside PracticePanther.

What happens now?

Contacts and matters will be visible in Docketwise. All default PracticePanther contact information will populate in Docketwise. No PracticePanther custom field information will carry over. 

Invite the contacts listed in Docketwise to your forms. To learn how to build your first forms in Docketwise, click here!

Important Notes:

Deleting contacts in DocketWise will not delete them in PracticePanther.

Deleted contacts in DocketWise will not re-create themselves even if they're still in PracticePanther. 

New contacts made in PracticePanther don’t instantly add in DocketWise. Every couple of hours DocketWise checks PracticePanther for new contacts to pull in. 

New contacts made in DocketWise carry to PracticePanther instantly. 

Edits to contacts in PracticePanther do not carry over to DocketWise. Edits to contacts in DocketWise DO carry back to PracticePanther immediately.


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