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Integrating PracticePanther with EverNote
Integrating PracticePanther with EverNote

Connecting PracticePanther and EverNote together through Zapier.

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Before continuing, be sure to review how to search Zapier for your favorite software here.

Example Zap: PracticePanther -> EverNote

Evernote is useful for managing all sorts of different personal and professional online aspects of your life. If you use a computer at work and a computer at home, accessing files from each machine through Evernote is much easier than emailing it to yourself or saving it to a USB every time you update it. Thousands use it everyday for their work no matter where they are. 

You can utilize EverNote and PracticePanther together by using Zapier. This Zap will create a new Notebook in EverNote any time you create a new matter in PracticePanther.

To connect EverNote and PracticePanther, follow these simple steps: 

1)  Start by heading over to, and hit "Make a Zap!".

2) In the search bar type "PracticePanther" and choose it.

3) Select a trigger, choose "New Matter".

4) Connect your PracticePanther, hit "Test".

5) Hit "Save + Continue" if it was successful.

6) Fill in any fields for creating the "New Matter".

7) Hit "Continue" once you're done.

8) It'll test to see if it worked once sucessful, hit "Continue".

9) Choose your "Action App", EverNote, by using the search bar.

10) Hit "Connect an Account" to connect your EverNote account, then choose "Continue".

11) Select your trigger, choose "Create Notebook".

12) Name the new "Notebook" being created.

13) Hit "Send Test To EverNote" to test if the integration works.

14) Hit "Finish".

15) Flip the "Your Zap is" to "On" to finalize your Zap!

What happens now?

The new Notebook is now created within EverNote. Now you can have a Notebook for each matter you have where you can add any notes that are going to be important about the case(s).


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