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Integrating PracticePanther with Todoist
Integrating PracticePanther with Todoist

Setting up the Zapier integration with Todoist.

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Example Zap: PracticePanther -> Todoist

Todoist is a tool firm owners love to utilize in order to keep their tasks organized on a case by case basis. While PracticePanther achieves a similar goal, some lawyers that already use Todoist would like to connect it to PracticePanther to save time. 

This Zap creates a new task in Todoist every time you create a new task in PracticePanther.

Follow the steps below to set up the integration using our Zapier templates.

1) Go to settings.

2) Under "Integrations" click on "Zapier".

3) Find the Todoist "Zap" and click on "Use this Zap". A new window will pop up.

4) In the new window click on "Create this Zap".

5) Click on "Continue".

6) If you have not already connected your PracticePanther account to Zapier, click on "Connect an Account" and follow the prompts. Once connected click on "Save+Continue".

7) Click on "Continue".

8) Click on "Fetch & Continue".

9) Click on "Continue".

10) Click on "Continue".

11) If you have not already connected your Todoist account to Zapier click on "Connect an Account" then "Save + Continue".

12) Click on "Continue".

13) Zapier will run a test to ensure that the integration is properly setup, following this test, click on "Finish".

What happens now? 

When you create a new Task in PracticePanther, a new Task will be created in Todoist.


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