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How do I bookmark and organize important links?
How do I bookmark and organize important links?

Bookmarking important links in your browser.

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With PracticePanther you'll start having links that you'll need more consistently than others. By bookmarking your links you can have them organized in folders for ease of access to your most needed links. 

1) When you're on the page that you want to bookmark, simply click on the Star at the end of the address bar and the bookmarking pop-up will show up asking you to name the bookmark. 

2) From there you can click on the "Folders" drop down menu and select the folder you want to save the bookmark under 

3) Click "Done" to save it.


You can also save your bookmarks under subfolders. Click on the "More" button when bookmarking and it will open a window showing you the directory of folders you have for your bookmarks. From here you can create sub-folders. 

1) Click on the folder you want to create the new folder in and then click on the "New folder" button at the bottom of the window. 

2) Name the folder and then click on "Save". 

Note: You can click out of the naming field on your browser and continue adding new folders before clicking on "Save"

2) Once you've built your sub-folders you can now bookmark the pages normally and the sub-folders will be selectable in the folder drop down menu. 

What happens now? 

Now that you've bookmarked your links, you can have your bookmarks on top of your browser, to have your links just a few clicks away! 

By default, Google Chrome shows this bar on top but if not, you can show it by clicking on the "More" tab (3 dots) to the top right, and then hover your mouse over "Bookmarks", and then click on "Show bookmarks bar".

Pro Tip: A shortcut you can use is pressing Control + Shift + B on your keyboard.

Now you can access your links right from the top of your browser! 


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