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Integrating PracticePanther with OneNote
Integrating PracticePanther with OneNote

Connecting PracticePanther and OneNote using Zapier.

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Before continuing, be sure to review how to search Zapier for your favorite software here.

Example Zap: PracticePanther -> OneNote

OneNote is an incredibly powerful digital note-taking tool developed by Microsoft. Using OneNote, lawyers can finally go paperless and take control of a digital filing cabinets to easily organize and take notes.

Using Zapier, you can create a Zap to create a note in OneNote every time you create a note in PracticePanther.

Connect PracticePanther and OneNote by following the steps below:

1) Go to "Zapier".

2) Click "Make a Zap!".

3) Search for "PracticePanther Legal Software" and select it, or select it from "Your Apps".

4) Click "show less common options".

5) Click "New Note".

6) Scroll down and click "Save + Continue".

7) Connect your PracticePanther account and click "Test".

8) If successful, click "Save + Continue".

9) Click "Continue".

10) Click "Fetch & Continue".

11) Click "Continue".

12) Search for "OneNote" and select it, or click it directly from "Your Apps".

13) Click "Create Note".

Note: This will place your note in the "Quick Notes" section. If you would like it in a specific section, click "Create Note in Section" instead.

14) Click "Continue".

15) Click "Connect an Account" and login to OneNote, and then click "Test".

16) Once successful, click "Save + Continue". 

17) Click the drop-down box on the right and set the Title to "Subject".

18) Click the drop-down menu on the right and set the Content to "Note".

Note: If you selected "Create Note in Section" during step 13, you will also choose the Notebook and Section you would like the note to appear in.

19) Click "Continue".

20) Click "Send Test to OneNote".

Note: This will send the note that was created most recently in PracticePanther to OneNote.

21) If the test was successful, scroll down and click "Finish".

22) Give your Zap a name, and then click "Off" to toggle your Zap to "On".

What happens now?

Now, whenever you create a note in PracticePanther, the same note will automatically be created in OneNote.


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