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Adding columns to Contacts and Matters
Adding columns to Contacts and Matters

How to add custom fields as columns to your Contacts and Matters list.

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Required Plan: Our custom field feature is only available on our Essential and Business plans. Click here to read more on our available plans.

Click here to learn more about creating, editing, or deleting custom fields.

To add fields to your contacts or matters list, watch this video or follow the steps below:

When creating or editing a custom field on this page,  click "Show more information" and make sure the "Show Column In List View" option is turned to "Yes".

Once you've reviewed your custom fields, let's follow these steps to get them into your list view at the Contact and Matter level!


1) Click on "Contacts".

2) Click the drop down menu that says "Primary Contacts" and change it to "All Contacts".

3) Click the "Columns" to expand the fields available.

4) Choose which columns you want to be able to see in a list view. 


1) Click on "Matters".

2) Click "Choose Columns".

3) Choose the fields you wish to display in the list view.

What Happens Now?

Now you'll have the appropriate fields displaying the relevant information in the list view columns.


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