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Automate Your Intake Process by Syncing with Lawmatics
Automate Your Intake Process by Syncing with Lawmatics
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PracticePanther has recently announced its integration with Lawmatics, a CRM, marketing, and intake software made specifically for legal professionals. The integration between these two platforms will forge an unprecedentedly strong process by which attorneys can establish, optimize, and maintain their firms’ client relationships. 

By combining our state of the art practice management features with the automated intake, campaign, and marketing features in Lawmatics, PracticePanther has ensured that our members automate every step of managing their cases before they even begin (and long after they end).

With this integration, users will be able to use forms on Lawmatics to enter lead and PNC information. When the user is ready to convert the lead/PNC into a client, Lawmatics will send the lead and PNC information to PracticePanther to automatically create a contact and matter.

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you will need to know regarding contacts in PracticePanther. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below.


Integrate Lawmatics with PracticePanther

1) In Lawmatics, click on the settings icon on the top right of the screen.

2) Click on the integrations tab on the left towards the bottom. Then, click "PracticePanther".

3) Click "Connect PracticePanther".

4) You'll be navigated to PracticePanther where it will ask you to log in if you are not already. After logging in (if needed), click "Grant Access" on the bottom.

Connect Contact Fields on Lawmatics to Contact Fields on PracticePanther

1) Select one of your existing fields in Lawmatics using the dropdown menu on the left.
2) Select the corresponding field in PracticePanther from the dropdown on the right.
3) Click "Create Mapping".

What happens now?

The fields will appear in the lists seen below. If you would like to delete this mapping simply click the red trash can icon found to the left of the Lawmatics field.

Connect Custom PNC Fields on Lawmatics to Custom Matter Fields on PracticePanther

Both Lawmatics and PracticePanther are capable of creating custom fields to store additional information; here's how.

1) In Lawmatics, click "Custom Fields" found on the left side bar.

2) Make sure "PNC Fields" is highlighted, then click "Add New Field". (This process is the same to create new client fields and contact fields if desired).

3) Fill out the necessary information, then click "Add New Field". In this example, I'm creating a simple text field for "Name of Driver of Opposing Vehicle".

4) In PracticePanther, create the additional corresponding custom matter field if needed here.
*Note* Make sure the type of field matches the type of field selected on Lawmatics end.

5) Back in Lawmatics, refresh the field mapping page and you will see the newly added fields in the PNC field drop down list.
6) Select the Lawmatics PNC custom field we created earlier.

7) Select the PracticePanther custom field we created earlier, then click "Create Mapping".

What happens now?

With your fields properly mapped, whenever you convert a PNC into a client on Lawmatics, the information from these PNC fields will properly populate the selected Contact and Matter fields in PracticePanther.

Create a PNC and Convert it to a Client in Lawmatics

There are a few ways one can create a PNC in Lawmatics. One is by using the "Forms" feature to send your leads forms they can fill out for you. The form would then come back to Lawmatics to create the PNC.

Alternatively, a PNC can be manually created by following these steps:

1) Click on the orange + button on the top right of any page, then click "New PNC". Alternatively, you can click on the "New PNC" button found on the dashboard here.

2) Fill out the PNC information needed. If you already have the contact in the system, select them from the search bar on the bottom. Otherwise, click "Add New Contact".

3) Fill out the contact's information as needed, then click "Save" on the bottom.

Great! A new PNC has been added to Lawmatics. Now let's update some of it's details.

4) Hover over the "CRM" tab on the top left and click "PNCs". Then, click on the PNC you wish to edit.

5) Click on the "Details" tab, then click "Edit" on the bottom.

6) Fill out the additional PNC information. Note: If a form was used to collect the PNC information, this data may already be filled out.
7) Click "Save" on the bottom.

8) Whenever you're ready to take this case, click "Convert" found on the top right of the PNC file.

9) Click "Convert" on the pop-up window.

What happens now?

The contact information from Lawmatics will immediately head over to PracticePanther, creating a contact and filling out it's details.

Also, the PNC information from Lawmatics will head over to PracticePanther as well, creating a matter and filling out it's details.

If you ever adjust information about the contact or PNC in Lawmatics, click on the "Resync with PracticePanther" button which can be found on the top right of the PNC file where the "Convert" button used to be.


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