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Gauge the performance of your time keepers
Gauge the performance of your time keepers

Learn how you can determine the productivity of your time keepers and see how much is getting done

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You can start tracking the average productivity rate of your time keepers by calculating the average time spent on an activity such as drafting or revising. 

In order to track your time keeper's performance, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the "Time Entries" tab at the top of your screen.

2) Use the filters to specify the time keeper that you want to track.

3) Use the search bar to find the specific activity that you want to gauge.

4) Add up the total time spent to complete the activity (this total can be seen on the bottom of the "Hours" column") and divide it by the number of time entries to get the time keeper's average time spent.

(Total Time/Number of time entries)

e.g. 2.05 Hours / 4 Time Entries = 0.5125 hours per activity which  is roughly about 30 minutes per draft/revise.

What happens now?

You can do this for all of your time keepers to then average their total times to get a firm average.

Time Keeper Averages:
Marcos - 31 minutes
Kate - 21 minutes
Adam- 36 minutes
Sam - 19 minutes

Firm Average:
(31+21+36+19=107 minutes / 4 Time Keepers) = 26.75 minutes average

The firm average for the drafting and revising activity according to the example above is 26.75 minutes.

With this average you can then determine who might be falling behind or excelling in certain activities.

We suggest reaching out to your fast time keepers and finding out what sets them apart. Is it motivation or something about their workflow? This type of information is vital to maximizing the performance of your time keepers!


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