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Group Chats using Secure Messages
Group Chats using Secure Messages

Create a group chat via our internal chat feature to speak with your firm members about a case.

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Please not that the features listed below here are included within every subscription plan we offer. To find out more, simply click here.

We all know about the internal chat we feature in the software to message people one on one, but sometimes a group chat is necessary to make sure everyone is up to speed with team and facilitate (hopefully) productive dialogue about a certain contact or matter! 

With secure messages it's possible to have a group chat among your team so everyone can be in the know with anything new that's going on so we can all stay in the same page! 

Click here to get caught up on how to use Secure Messages.

To setup a group chat about a certain contact or matter, follow these simple steps:

1) Click the white "New" button found on the top left of any page. 

2) Click on "Secure Message".

3) Decide if there's a certain contact or matter you would like to associate (or link) this group chat to.
Note: Selecting the contact and matter on the top will not allow this chat to be visible to the client, this is simply telling PracticePanther where to store this group chat.

4) Now add the users who will be part of the group chat in the "Users" field. 

Important: Make sure to leave the "Contacts" field under the "Participants" section blank so it'll be hidden from the client. Selecting a contact here in the "Participants" section will invite your client into the group chat and make this conversation visible to them in their client portal.

What Happens Now? 

Now you'll be able to keep in touch with your co-workers in one thread, kind of like an email chain, and tie it directly to the contact or matter it pertains to! 


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