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Filter your Expenses by Practice Area using Tags
Filter your Expenses by Practice Area using Tags

Group expenses by type of case to find out which type incurs the most costs to your firm!

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Understanding what your firm is spending money on is vital to an growing business. We can use the tags in PracticePanther to categorize our contacts and matters in any way we can imagine. We can then use these tags as filters on almost any report in the software.

To get a quick refresher on how to apply new tags, check out this helpful guide.

Once you have all your matters or contacts tagged, you can then run an expense report using these tags. For example, we can find out which practice area or case type is costing the firm the most money in expenses.

To run an expense report by practice area, follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to your expenses page, or click here.

2) Make sure "Billed by" is set to "Any User".

3) Add the matter tag for the practice area you want to investigate. In this example, I chose "Divorce".

4) Add a date range if you only want to see costs for a certain week or month. (This step is optional).

What happens now?

You will easily see a total amount in the "All" box found on the top of the list. Now you can easily tell which practice areas cost you the most money, and exactly how much. It's worth noting you can explore your expenses (and other reports) using any other custom category (or tag) that you desire.


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