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Building an "Outside Counsel" Report by Attorney
Building an "Outside Counsel" Report by Attorney

See which of your attorneys rely most on consulting other attorneys.

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Practicing law can be complicated. Sometimes, attorneys may seek "Outside Counsel" for advice on the best ways to handle certain cases or situations. This means the firm is willing to pay for such a service from another attorney, and as we know that doesn't come cheap. 

While you may plan for your client to reimburse your firm for such an expense, clients are usually happier the cheaper their bills are. As such, it's good to know which attorneys in your firm tend to seek outside counsel the most. This way, you can speak with these individuals to find out why they need more help than other attorneys in your firm, with the goal being limiting these types of expenses as much as possible.

To quickly find out which attorneys in your firm seek outside counsel the most, follow these simple steps:

1) When making a new expense, click the "Category" field, then click "Manage Categories".

2) Click "Add New Category", then type in "Outside Counsel", then click "Save".

3) Make sure your firm uses this category any time they make an expense for seeking assistance from other attorneys or firms.

4) Whenever you like, navigate to your "Expenses" page, or click here.

5) Select which user you'd like a report for in the "Billed By" field.

6) Make sure status is set to "Any" to capture all expenses.

7) In the search bar on the top of the list, type in "Outside Counsel". This should bring up a list of all expenses with that category.

What happens now?

Now you can quickly review the "All" box on the top of the list for each attorney in your firm. This will show you which attorneys are costing you the most in seeking outside assistance. Speak with the attorneys that cost the most for these expenses to seek out strategies to resolving this expensive issue!

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