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How do I Build a Consultation Report by Attorney in PracticePanther?
How do I Build a Consultation Report by Attorney in PracticePanther?

Find the average time for your consultations per attorney and find out who in the firm is the most efficient

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With data calculated for our time entries we can find out the average time spent on consultations and also find out who is taking the least amount of time during the consultations for maximum efficiency! 

To do so is as easy as doing the following: 

1) Go to "Time Entries" tab at the top of the screen and select the user you want to find the average for in the "Billed By" field. 

Note: Make sure the "Status" is set to "Any", and select the desired "Date Range".

2) In the search bar type in "Consultation". 

3) Now you'll be seeing all of the consultations for the selected user and the total of the time spent doing the consultations can be seen on the bottom of the "Hours" column.

Now that we have the info we need for each time keeper, we have what we need to find the average and see who's the speediest in the firm!

4) Take the total time spent to complete the consultation and divide it by the number of time entries to get attorney's average time for their consultations.

(Total Time/Number of time consultations)

e.g. 3.40 Hours / 4 Consultations = 1.13 hours per activity which  is roughly about an hour.

What happens now?

We can now do this for all of our attorneys to find the average their total times and see who is utilizing the least amount of time. With this information we can tell who's taking the least amount of time doing consultations!

We suggest reaching out to your attorneys who are doing consultations more efficiently and finding out what sets them apart. 

Do they have a particular way of getting everything done quicker? Are they more in control of the time and conversation to get everything they need faster? Finding this out allows us to develop methods to bring the whole firm up to speed, and make more money!


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