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Filter Payments by Practice Area using Tags
Filter Payments by Practice Area using Tags

Group payments by type of case to find out which type earns the most money for your firm!

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Understanding which types of cases earn your firm the most money is the best way to know which direction to take your firm, and what target markets you should probably be focusing on so your firm can grow as fast as possible.

Tags are an excellent tool that you can utilize to categorize any type of contact or matter in PracticePanther. We can then use these tags on just about any report in the software, including payments.ย 

To get a quick refresher on how to apply new tags, check out this helpful guide.

To run a payments report by practice area, follow these simple steps:

1) Navigate to your firm's payments page, or click here.

2) Select the "Operating Account" from the "Bank Account" field. You may also select "Trust Account" if you wish to see trust payments instead.
โ€‹Note: Your firm may have named the operating account differently in the bank accounts settings page here. Be sure to select the firm's main operating account to see the correct payments.

3) Make sure "Payment Method" and "Assigned to" stay as "Any" to capture all possible payments.

4) Click "Tags" and in "Matter Tags" select the practice area you'd like to investigate.
โ€‹Note: You may wish to select a specific date range if you'd like to see only last month's payments for example. The following example is showing payments for "All Time".

What happens now?

You can easily see a total amount paid to your firm in the "PAID" box on top. Repeat this process for any other practice areas to get a good idea of which areas of law earns your firm the most money month after month, or year after year.

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