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How to consolidate duplicate contacts in PP.

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Uh-oh! You've found duplicate contacts in your PracticePanther, invoices in one contact, and activities in the other. To fix this, we will reassign all items to a single contact and delete the other(s).

To consolidate multiple duplicate contacts, follow the steps below:

1) Click "Contacts".

2) Type in the exact name of the contact that has duplicates.

Note: After typing in the contacts name, you should only see the contact that has duplicates.

3) Choose one of the contacts to be the contact you'll save. This would ideally be the contact with the most entries already assigned to them. Moving forward, this contact will be referred to as the Main contact. After choosing a contact, hover your mouse over the contact and click "Edit".

4) Add something to the Main contact's name to distinguish the main contact from the other duplicates. For this example, we'll add "Main" before the contact's first name.

5) Click "Save".

6) Click "Contacts".

7) Type in the exact name of the contact that has duplicates, and then click a duplicate contact other than the main contact.

8) Click "Matters".

9) Click the checkbox at the top of the list.

10) Click the blue gear icon, and then click "Edit".

11) Toggle "Set Contacts" to "Yes".

12) Click "Select Contact..." and type the name of the contact.

13) Click the checkbox above "Save" and then click "Save".

14) Click "Yes".

15) Repeat steps 9 - 14 for every tab under this contact.

​Note: Payments cannot be reassigned to different contacts. You will have to recreate payments, assign them to the main contact, and delete payments assigned to any duplicate contacts.
​Note: Invoices will need to manually edited one-by-one with the contact changed.

17) After assigning all items to the main contact, click "Delete" on the duplicate contact.

18) You can now edit the "Main" contact and remove "main" from the name. Hit "Save" at the bottom.

What happens now?

All items under the duplicates have now been effectively assigned to a single contact, and all other duplicates have been removed.


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