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Customizing invoices using invoice templates
Customizing invoices using invoice templates

Create any number of invoice templates to handle any case type or situation you run into.

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Note: Our Multiple Invoice Template feature is available on our Business Plan. To learn more, click here.

To begin using multiple invoice templates, watch this video or follow these simple steps below:

  1. Navigate to the "Invoice Options" page in your settings.

Assuming your firm has not made any invoice templates yet, the original settings your firm had set will be viewable in a template titled "Default Invoice Template".

2) You can adjust the current invoice options you have set by clicking "Edit" on the "Default Invoice Template". 


You can click "New Invoice Template" to get started on creating a new set of invoice options from scratch.

3) When editing or creating an invoice template, all the same options from the past will be there with the addition of two new options.

Is Default: This will control which invoice template is used first if you don't specify another template on the invoice creation process. Please Note: When using payment plans, they will always use whatever template you set as your default here.

Name: Name the template after the type of case or situation you'd use this style of invoice.

4) Scroll down and select the default payment options you'd like selected for this invoice template.

5) Scroll down and select the invoice theme, as well as which fields you want on this invoice style by clicking "Show More Options". 

For more information on invoice customization, click here.

6) Whenever you're satisfied with the options selected, scroll down and click "Save".

What happens now?

The new invoice template will be viewable on the invoice templates list.

When you go to invoice, you'll notice a new field appear on the top of the invoice asking you to select the "Template" you'd like to utilize. Simple.


To learn more about invoices on PracticePanther, please click here.

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