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Exporting reports with specific columns.
Exporting reports with specific columns.

How to export only the contact's name and specific information when running a report.

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To run a report focused on a single piece of information along with a contact or matter, all you have to do is drag the column to the filter area. In this example, we'll refine the "All invoices by contact" report and refine it to only display contacts, and their total amount due.

To refine a report to only show the contact's name and a specific column, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the desired report to open it.

In this example, we'll open the "All invoices by contact" report.

2) Click and drag the column that you'd like to focus on into the row containing "Contact".

In this example, we'll focus on the remaining balance for these clients, so we'll drag the "Balance" column into the row containing "Contact".

What happens now?

The report will now filter by the column you chose and only display the contact or matter, along with the column that you chose.

Pro Tip: You can export your refined report to or PDF by using the buttons on the right.

Note: Exporting to Excel will always export all columns regardless of the specific filters you apply.


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