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How to create an account statement for your contacts.

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Using PracticePanther's invoice templates, you can create a full accounting statement for your clients!

Note: Invoice templates are only available in the "Business" plan. To review our available pricing plans and their features, click here.

For more information on invoice templates, click here.

Note: Feel free to contact Panther Support and we will assist with the entire process!

To create an invoice template used to generate statements, follow the steps below: 

1) Navigate to "Settings".

2) Click "Invoice Options".

3) Click "New Invoice Template".

4) In the "Name" field, name your statement template. In this example, we'll use the name "Account Statement".

5) In the "Notes" field, paste the following:

Statement For:


#Contact.FirstName# #Contact.LastName#

6) Click the "Notes Position On Invoice" field and click "Top".

7) Scroll down and click "Show More Options".

8) Scroll down to "Invoice Info". Set "Show Invoice Number?" to "No".

9) Set "Show Due Date" to "No".

10) Change "Invoice Text" from "Invoice" to "Statement".

11) Scroll down to "Account Balance". Set "Show Trust Account Balance" and "Show Trust Account Ledger" to "Yes". 

12) Set "Show Operating Account Balance" and "Show Operating Account Ledger" to "Yes".

13) Click "Show Trust Ledger History" and then click "Since all time".

14) Click "Show Operating Ledger History" and then click "All Time".

Pro-Tip: You can also set these to monthly options if you'd like to generate monthly account statements!

15) Scroll down to "Custom Invoice Theme". Paste the following code into the "Custom CSS" box:

div.summary.pull-right {display: none;}
div.col-xs-6{display: none;}

16) Click "Save".

What happens now?

Moving forward, your "Account Statement" template is now available for you to apply to any contact at any time! Now whenever you want to create a statement, all you have to do is use the existing template you made!

To apply your template and generate a statement for any of your clients, simply navigate to the contact and generate an invoice.

Click "Billable Items" and make sure all items are toggled to "No". This way, we create the account statement without actually billing anything to our client. Then click "Generate Invoice".

Click the "Template" field and choose the "Account Statement" template. Then scroll down and click "Save".

You'll now see a full statement showing all account payments and transactions for that client!

Pro-Tip: Using the "Actions" button at the top right, you can send an email with the statement directly to your client, or print a physical copy!

To create an account statement for all of your clients at once, follow the steps below:

1) Click "Invoices" at the top, then "New" and then "Multiple Invoices".

2) Select the matters you want to send a statement to and click "Select Options".

3) Click the "Template" field and select your statement template.

Pro-Tip: Set "Email Invoices to Clients" to "Yes" to automatically send your statements to your clients after you've generated them.

4) Toggle "Include Non-Billable Matters?" to "Yes".

5) Click "Billable Items" and toggle all options to "No".

6) Click "Create Invoices".

What happens now?

You can now review all of your statements in your "Invoices" list. You can even differentiate your statements from your actual invoices by adding the template column!


Want to learn more about customizing your invoice templates? Simply click here to find out more!

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