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Limiting which IP address or location your users can use to access PracticePanther
Limiting which IP address or location your users can use to access PracticePanther

Only allow your users to access PracticePanther from certain IP addresses or routers.

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Security has always been PracticePanther's most important consideration when designing the platform. With that in mind, we allow firms to control the location from which their users can access the system. We accomplish this by allowing the administrator to limit users ability to log in from uncleared IP addresses.

An IP address is associated with every router, the device used by each office to access the internet. This feature will allow the firm to only provide access from their chosen office router or courthouse router. 

To limit a user's ability log in access to a specific IP address, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the users page, located under the "More" button.

2) Click "Manage user access & security".

3) Click "New Role" if you'd like to make a brand new security role. Click here for more information on the different uses for security roles.

Or click "Edit" under an existing role.

4) Scroll down until you see "Access Restrictions".

5) Change "Restrict Access by IP" to "Yes".

6) Add the chosen router's IP address in the field provided.
Note: To add multiple IP addresses, separate them with a comma.

Don't know your  firm's or courthouse's IP address?

Connect to the Wi-Fi router for which you'd like to retrieve the IP address, then search the words "What's my IP" in Google. The first thing you should see is the IP address for the router / Wi-Fi network you're currently connected to.

Important: If you limit access to only a certain IP address, this will limit your users ability to log in from their phone, unless their phone is connected to that chosen Wi-Fi network. We suggest adding the office IP address, and repeating this process for any courthouse you'd like your firm having mobile access within.

In other words, you'll want to clear the IP address for your local courthouses as well, to allow your attorneys to use the mobile app from those desired locations.

What happens now?

If a user attempts to access PracticePanther from an uncleared IP address, they will receive this error message.


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