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Activating the Client portal for a Company
Activating the Client portal for a Company

How to make a client portal for company contacts.

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Using company contacts, you can activate the client portal for multiple people and control exactly who gets access in the company.

To learn more about adding multiple contacts to a company, click here.

To activate the client portal for company contacts, follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the desired company and click "Edit".

2) Each contact within your company will have their own individual client portal if the Client Portal is set to "Yes". Ensure that all contacts that will have a client portal have an email in the "Email" field.

3) Toggle "Client Portal" to "Yes" for all desired contacts.

4) Click "Save".

What happens now?

Moving forward you can now control the client portal for all associated contacts within your company.

Secure messages will allow you to choose which specific contacts you'd like to send the message to, meaning you can send a message to a single specific person.

You can also choose to send your secure messages to multiple contacts to involve a specific group or simply everyone in the company.

You have the exact same control when sending invoices and assigning activities to contacts within your company as well. Send it to one or multiple people as needed!

For more information on the client portal, click here.


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